Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First post dundunnn!

Ok...since I really haven't drawn anything lately, I tried to scrap up anything that I had done in the last month or so (well, about june-july). Just to get something here before I get a chance to post new stuff X'D
Beware, scaryness ahead X'D
(and just click a pic to see bigger...I'm still new to blogger so trying to figure out how stuff works X'D)

I start from the most..err..well the one with colour X'D I doubt I will never finish this...his neck is broken, poor random baby.
a forever-project WIP of Hetalia's Spain and South Italy. agh...I actually finished the lines but ghhh...so uninspired to carry on until I get to fix the anatomy of them both agh...the composition is just...not working >;T I hope I get insp to get back to this X'3
Prussia from Hetalia in the clothes of  Ellis from L4D2. with chick of course U3U ~
my OC Non...onearmed steampunk dude. it's surprisingly difficult to draw a guy without and arm X'D
Non again. aghhhanatomy, plz be my friend OTL

umhhh....crazy randomness from work (bored at lunch-hour) in june. Me many times (baww my old hair Q3Q). also task to all to spot 4 of my buddies and 1 co-workers. I appologies from all. X'D

Wuuush...so....something to get started X'D I will probably scan all this weeks stuff during weekend so moar probably then hurrr~

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Something blue, something new~

Yah so....it was decided! I need a sketchblog.
I should draw so much more than I do these days so this place will have to motivate me to post sketches, art and everything between.
I doubt I will post anything older here now (since I haven't really sketched much) but will try to keep up throwing here everything I will draw. >u< Be it original or fanart, it will be thrown here~ U3U~

So, stay tuned, stuff will be up~ :3