Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yah...I really haven't been drawing that much...but if all randoms are put together, atleast I get something here~ All except the two last pics were drawn 1-2 weeks ago. The two last ones were drawn yesterday/today.

Stuff drawn at work. Brisbane, random dude, old ugly man, Morten & page full of hetalia-characters and a koala.
Just ballpoint-pen stuffen~

My site-mascot Brisbane...I was thinking of a new layout-pic to my site...these were scrapped, too 'lifeless'
And the sketch of the final pic. You can see the finished pic on my site:

These two OCs after a long time: Pyry and Veer. My oldie characters from a comic-project.

Page filled with randoms. Though you can spot Simmoney, Veer and L4D2's Nick there.

Random croocked-horned dude.

some random play with clothes on AU Gilbert....

Gilbert the bunny teases Ludwig the puppy....I aimed for cute but IDK X'D

What attitude where? Gilbert's the most descreet one....

My horror-comic's been long since I drew them..need a bit of redesign. Well, Noël allready got a bit of it..and Gerrie also got new pair of horns.

 Started the '25 expressions'-meme with Gerwulf...maybe I finish these some day..

...and that's it for this time....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Murf, been sick for few weeks so my drawing-insp has been flying off the window X'D (that, plus a bit of art-crisis again aghhh X'D *kicks it*)
But's what I've got in my new sketchbook~

Random, but it's the first page of my sketchbook u3u~ had to add here. Me + book, few Gilberts + a view to our tv X3
Hetalia funnies. First Gilbert with DS, looking confused and after that he plans on taking over Australia...Aussie doesn't disagree though~

Cute & Fluffy, Feliciano & Ludwig~ and the sentence there....I had to draw the pic around that sentence that was actually in one pic in --> this one. *lol'd*

omg! It's a girl! hurhur...randomly drawn after watching some LA Ink~
And then I saw Inception /o/ wheee Arthur rawks! \o/
Some randoms from a Hetalia steampunk AU RP. Romano the thief and Gilbert the great Pirate captain /o/~
Damn thief took the Captain's precious diary. tsk tsk.
...and some more of those two~ (baw the pirate-hat probably got shrunken in wash or something X'D)

Wuuush...I hope I get back to drawing soon...muuust fiiil sketchbooook~ *rolls and sneezes*

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First post dundunnn!

Ok...since I really haven't drawn anything lately, I tried to scrap up anything that I had done in the last month or so (well, about june-july). Just to get something here before I get a chance to post new stuff X'D
Beware, scaryness ahead X'D
(and just click a pic to see bigger...I'm still new to blogger so trying to figure out how stuff works X'D)

I start from the most..err..well the one with colour X'D I doubt I will never finish this...his neck is broken, poor random baby.
a forever-project WIP of Hetalia's Spain and South Italy. agh...I actually finished the lines but uninspired to carry on until I get to fix the anatomy of them both agh...the composition is just...not working >;T I hope I get insp to get back to this X'3
Prussia from Hetalia in the clothes of  Ellis from L4D2. with chick of course U3U ~
my OC Non...onearmed steampunk dude. it's surprisingly difficult to draw a guy without and arm X'D
Non again. aghhhanatomy, plz be my friend OTL

umhhh....crazy randomness from work (bored at lunch-hour) in june. Me many times (baww my old hair Q3Q). also task to all to spot 4 of my buddies and 1 co-workers. I appologies from all. X'D to get started X'D I will probably scan all this weeks stuff during weekend so moar probably then hurrr~

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Something blue, something new~

Yah was decided! I need a sketchblog.
I should draw so much more than I do these days so this place will have to motivate me to post sketches, art and everything between.
I doubt I will post anything older here now (since I haven't really sketched much) but will try to keep up throwing here everything I will draw. >u< Be it original or fanart, it will be thrown here~ U3U~

So, stay tuned, stuff will be up~ :3