Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Murf, been sick for few weeks so my drawing-insp has been flying off the window X'D (that, plus a bit of art-crisis again aghhh X'D *kicks it*)
But's what I've got in my new sketchbook~

Random, but it's the first page of my sketchbook u3u~ had to add here. Me + book, few Gilberts + a view to our tv X3
Hetalia funnies. First Gilbert with DS, looking confused and after that he plans on taking over Australia...Aussie doesn't disagree though~

Cute & Fluffy, Feliciano & Ludwig~ and the sentence there....I had to draw the pic around that sentence that was actually in one pic in --> this one. *lol'd*

omg! It's a girl! hurhur...randomly drawn after watching some LA Ink~
And then I saw Inception /o/ wheee Arthur rawks! \o/
Some randoms from a Hetalia steampunk AU RP. Romano the thief and Gilbert the great Pirate captain /o/~
Damn thief took the Captain's precious diary. tsk tsk.
...and some more of those two~ (baw the pirate-hat probably got shrunken in wash or something X'D)

Wuuush...I hope I get back to drawing soon...muuust fiiil sketchbooook~ *rolls and sneezes*


  1. Awwwwwsome! O3O So much fun pictures and stuff! Agh! *rolls over you like maad*
    I especially like the Prussia/Spain pictures. They're so fun and I like the way you draw the characters X3

    Draw moar ;3; *kicks your crisis*

  2. A woman! %D
    That Hetalia-stuff is nice, expressions are great~